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Acrylic gel system is a system that combines the properties of two materials - gel and acrylic. Products of this system can have different names, for example, polygel, poly acrylic or acrylatic. Kodi professional has its own registered name for this system and it is called Easy Duo Gel.


Modern materials that are used in the nail industry have long had an optimized formula that allows creating comfort for both the master and the client. Polygel Easy Duo Gel by the international brand Kodi Professional is a vivid confirmation of this.

  The product has a moderately thick consistency, is easy to apply, is plastic, due to which it can be used both for modelling and for strengthening nails. Polygel is easy to file, it does not force the master to work quickly, as it does not harden in the open air. The professional acrylic gel system is now available in an economical bottle format.

The Easy Duo Gel system is used to level and strengthen the natural nail plate, as well as to model nails of any length. polygels can be used in combination with any type of templates, lower and upper plastic forms and gel tips. To work with the Easy Duo Gel system, we also recommend using the Double Brush with natural bristle. Of course, you can use brushes made of artificial pile, but you will need to change them more often, because an artificial pile quickly loses its structure and shape when working with this material. The Easy Duo Gel system is presented in two packing formats - in tubes and in jars with lids.


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