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Updated: 7 days ago

Introducing our most popular Basic Coating.

Bases of this collection can be used independently and for French manicure. They tightly cover the nail, unlike the Natural Rubber Base, have an average thickness, do not flow, and are perfectly self-levelling.

Today they are presented in ten colors, three of which: number three, four and six, contain shimmer. The substrate for this base is a must.

The recommended curing time is from sixty to ninety seconds in an LED lamp and from two to three minutes in an ultraviolet lamp, depending on the thickness of the layer applied.

Recommendations for application:

  • Prepare the nail plate using a 180 grit file, remove the gloss from the nails.    


  • Apply the thin layer of the Rubber base gel or Quick Base with rubbing movements, and polymerize it for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

  • Apply the pigmented base in 2 thin layers polymerizing each layer for 90-120 seconds. At the discretion of the master, it is allowed to apply one layer with slight (minimal) levelling of the nail plate if necessary. Polymerization in this case is also 90-120 seconds. 

  • Apply Top Gel ;

  • 1. Clean up the sticky layer with Cleanser ( Stickiness remover) if you apply the "Rubber Top Gel.

  • 2. Don't clean up the sticky layer if you apply "No Sticky Top Coat".

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