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Three phase gels are presented in the  following volumes:

12 ml,14 ml, 25 ml, 28 ml and 45 ml. These are bottles without a brush.

There is also a 15 mL bottle with a brush. 

Three phase gels are divided into self  levelling gel of closer to liquid  consistency, a self - levelling gel of medium viscosity and thick or jelly like gels. 

Self levelling liquid gels which are used for technique without filing are presented in two versions: 

- clear Build It Up gel for short and long nails

- camouflage gels which are presented  in five shades:

Milky, Milky Rose, Cover Pink, Latte , Baby Boom.

KODI recommends to use Three phase gels in combination with a Base gel which is polymerized separately in an UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a Led lamp for 60 seconds and is applied with a separate brush for gel modelling in a thin layer with rubbing movements. 

Gels of the build it up series are used for modelling nails of the second length each modelling layer is  polymerized in a Led lamp for 2 minutes  in an UV lamp for 2- 3 minutes.  

If you want to combine Modelling gel from the Build it up series with Gel polish I remind you that before covering with Gel polish you need to remove the sticky layer using a special cleanser liquid. 

What is the difference between Build It Up Gel Long nails and Short nails modelling clear gels?

Long Nails is a gel that can be used to strengthen short nails as well as to model nails up to a second length.

Short nails gel is more recommended for strengthening nails and modelling short nails with the free edge no longer than 0.5 cm. 

Camouflage gels of the Build It Up Gel collection are also ideal for strengthening nails. 

They tightly cover the nail plate when strengthening nails of any thickness and are ideal for modelling short nails before covering them with a top finish , I still recommend removing the sticky layer.

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