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The EXPERT line includes such a pedicure tool for fast and high-quality work of a nail stylist:

– Nail nippers EXPERT 60 (12 mm and 16 mm)

To correct the length of the nail plate, you need a tool with a reinforced structure and durable blades. Toenails are stronger, more challenging to trim it with ordinary scissors or nippers.

EXPERT line nippers have a straight cutting blade. This design allows you to cope with a nail of different thicknesses and trim it evenly to prevent ingrowth.

The length of the cutting part 12 mm is designed for small fingers (for example, little fingers, where the nail plate is more pliable). For large fingers and more massive nails, nippers with a cutting part of 16 mm are suitable.

– Nail nippers EXPERT 61 (12 mm and 16 mm)

Such nippers are indispensable not only for hygienic but also for a medical pedicure if you need to cut the ingrown nail. The narrowed tip of such nippers allows you to “crawl” under the ingrown angle of the nail plate.

Nippers are also presented in two options for the length of the cutting blade. The choice of length will depend on the size and thickness of the nail. Large nippers (16 mm) are designed to work with strong and coarse nails, and 12 mm nippers are suitable for thinner and softer nails.

The tips of the nail nippers are blunt; this reduces the risk of injury. The design of such nippers also allows you to correct the length of soft and thin nails.

All nippers have the advantages of the EXPERT line of nippers: thorough polishing, the grinding of the hinge, manual sharpening under the microscope.

EXPERT 20 pusher (TYPE 1 and TYPE 2)

Nail stylists also call it “curettes” or “swab holders.” The tool is intended for partial removal of dry calluses and works with an ingrown nail.

The design of the pusher allows you to perform the procedure safely: due to the rounded hemisphere, the tool does not injure the nail plate and skin, and the curved peak shape easily cleans the nails of dirt.

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