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PODODISC or Abrasive cap ?

Question of the day what to choose for a pedicure pododisc or abrasive cap? If you have been with us for a long time, you might have noticed no abrasive caps in the STALEKS range. Now we'll tell you why REASON 1: Safety and accuracy of work The cap wraps around the skin, which leads to micro-tears. That is why it is recommended to work with the cap only according to the pattern of the foot, but it still leaves a "fringe." Pododisc does not wrap but cuts off the skin. Therefore, by following the pedicure disc technique, the result will be better and last longer. REASON 2: Disposable files of better quality Abrasive caps mainly consist of aluminum oxide. Disposable files for pododiscs have a waterproof base with silicon carbide crystals . It is the best material for working with skin. Due to its physical properties, it gently removes the stratum corneum without causing injury.

REASON 3: Work speed You can operate the cap for a maximum of 10 thousand revolutions. The work at 25-30 thousand rpm is possible with pododisc, so the whole process goes faster. In addition, the surface area of ​​the pododisc is bigger, which also reduces the processing time of the foot. REASON 4: Technician's comfort You can only use the cap on dry skin. Pododisc works both on dry skin and on wet skin (thanks to moisture, dust flies less, this is a concern for the comfort and health of the nail stylist).

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