Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Approved by Natalia Kuprinenko -Brand Manager STALEKS Lash & Brow.

After talking with different lash stylists and discussing with the different options for improving the tool, we decided to add other L-shaped tweezers to the line – this time at an angle of 32 degrees.

The tweezers are called “MINI L” because the length of the working edges reaches 7 mm and the width is 1 mm!

The main advantages of tweezers EXPERT -41 TYPE 8 MINI L:

  • The bend and the length of the working edges allows you to work even with the thinnest and brittle material;

  • The matte finish reduces the sliding of the tweezers in the fingers during the procedure;

  • The optimal weight of the tweezers makes it possible to fully control the workflow by placing the wrist as convenient as possible;

  • Tight closure of the working edges leaves no chance to mistakes during the procedure; 

  • The edges of the tweezers do not break and do not spoil the eyelashes;

  • The length allows you to hold the tweezers in your hands without additional manipulations securely;

  • The outer radial grooves on the tweezers’ body provide a soft and smooth stroke.

They are designed for a classic and 3D 2D-4D extension. The small working part of the MINI L makes it easy to work with tweezers for both beginners and professionals. The tweezers passed manual sharpening and are ready to show itself from the first minutes.

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