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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

What just a technique eyelash does not exist in the modern lash-industry. From the Japanese method with the desilting technology to the hyper-volume extension, the longline technology, the perfect line … It’s difficult to recount everything, but it’s even harder to figure out which tool to pick up – if before the masters coped with the help of tweezers of one form, now there is a huge variety of models on the market. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and purpose. The brand of professional beauty tools STALEKS PRO presented a wide range of EXPERT eyelash tweezers for extension in any technique. Our article will help to figure out which type of tweezers is suitable for a particular procedure. TWEEZERS EXPERT – TOOL PROFESSIONAL All tweezers for eyelash extensions of the EXPERT series are made of high-quality medical steel. This material is considered the most optimal from the standpoint of durability and practicality – with proper care, tweezers do not corrode. It took STALEKS a year and a half to design, build, and launch sales of tweezers for extension. The production technology of the tool changed three times, more than 20 lash-experts were involved in the work. Specialists of the quality control system carefully checked each tweezers and even specially took courses on eyelash extension from leading masters. In 2018, when technologists took into account all the subtleties of the creation of this tool, the first batch of tweezers for eyelash EXPERT was presented to the public. A variety of forms of the working part allows each lash specialist to choose for themselves a comfortable tweezers and achieve the desired result of building in a specific technique. TWEEZER FORM: FOR WHAT TECHNIQUE WILL TOOL TOOL? No extension procedure is complete without professional tweezers. It is convenient for them to capture the artificial eyelash, form a bundle, separate and hold the natural eyelashes. In such painstaking jewellery work, it is important for the master to think through all the nuances, not to mention the choice of instrument – it will depend on him how quickly, conveniently and professionally the buildup will take place. The STALEKS PRO brand offers tweezers to lash specialists: 1) Direct form. Allows you to highlight and hold natural eyelashes, stick finished bundles. 2) Curved shape. It is considered a classic. Used to hold and mount artificial cilia, building up corners. Ideal for the formation of a full, one and a half and 2D-volume. 3) L-shaped. Suitable for both classic volume extensions and for modelling. 4) Hook (“slipper”). Designed for hyper volume expansion. So tweezers convenient to form a bunch of eyelashes in the fingers, and with the tape. Holding the bunch with tweezers, it can be conveniently fixed to the ciliary edge. 5) Crescent shapes. Convenient for forming beams for double volume and capacity in the classical technique. Let us consider in more detail the features of each form of tweezers for eyelashes. STRAIGHT TWEEZERS Straight-shaped tweezers for eyelash extension is considered an auxiliary tool: the master holds him in a non-mainstream hand and uses to separate natural eyelashes. It is convenient to use straight tweezers to single out one natural eyelash in order to attach artificial ones to its base with another tool. Straight-shaped professional tweezers should be thin and even, perfectly sharpened. The tips of such a tool accurately and tightly converge, the width of the disclosure – up to 7 mm. The average pressing force, a satin finish that has no reflective effect, improved visibility due to long thin handles are important advantages of tweezers, due to which the master can work more easily and faster. In the STALEKS PRO model range, there are straight tweezers such as TYPE 5 and TYPE 10. CROWNED TAPER Such a tool is considered a worker, because it is with its help that a bunch of artificial eyelashes is formed or a single eyelash is captured. There are special requirements for the selection of such tweezers, because the speed of the wizard and the result of the build-up depend on the density of the edge closing and smoothness of the course. When choosing curved tweezers, it is important to pay attention to the width of the working blade, the length of the handle, the pressing force, the quality of sharpening, and the coating of surfaces. To work with such tweezers, it is very important to consider the appearance of the bent tweezers. Depending on the shape of the working part, the curved tweezers of the EXPERT series exist in the following variants:

  • Classic – soft bend is convenient when working with ribbons and bundles;

  • Angle 40 – the ends are bent at an angle of 40 degrees. The optimal tool for building volume from the tape;

  • Angle 30 – convenient for separating and grabbing the eyelashes, is able to replace straight tweezers.

L-SHAPED TWEEZERS Tweezers, shaped like the English letter “L”, are often referred to as curved tweezers. But we decided to tell about them separately, because such forms of the working part of such tweezers also exist in different forms, depending on the angle of bend. For example, tweezers with curved ends under Angle 35 are used for classical building and artistic modeling. Angle 85 is ideal for “Hollywood” and 3D-volume, forming a beam on the fingers and from the tape. The advantages of the L-shaped tweezers are known to every master who has used it at least once. The working area is designed for safe and comfortable work in the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Tweezers can easily capture a hair of any length and shape. PINKET FORM “HOOK” (“BASTER”) “Slipper” is ideal for bulk building (from 4D and more). It is possible to work with tweezers during the formation of the beam, not only on the fingers, but also from the tape, which greatly expands the functionality of the tool. With the “shoe”, the master is able to master any volume extension equipment – it is convenient for them not only to create a bundle, but also to fix it on the ciliary edge. This form can also be called a subspecies of curved tweezers due to the placement of the working part at a certain angle. The STALEKS PRO brand offers these types of tweezers- “shoe”: TYPE 3 (bent at an angle of 45), TYPE 4 (angle of 60), TYPE 12 (angle of 65), TYPE 6 (angle of 75). FORTE CURTAIN’S FORCE A relatively new form of tweezers on the market, which has already managed to win the location of lash makers thanks to its sophisticated appearance and convenient design. Such tweezers are also indispensable when working in the inner corners of the eyes, with its help it is convenient to form a beam on the fingers or from the tape. Thorough polishing of the edges of the tweezers minimises the risk of sticking glue and breaking eyelashes. The crescent tweezers from STALEKS PRO exist in the following variants: Radius, TYPE 1, TYPE 3, TYPE 6, TYPE 11. Each master can choose the necessary tool based on personal preferences. *** The speed and the result of the lash-maker, the comfort of the client depends on the shape of the selected tweezers for eyelashes. Technique of building and individual preferences of the master – those basic parameters that will help determine the choice. As a manufacturer of a professional beauty tool, STALEKS will offer a wide range of eyelash extension tweezers so that every lash specialist can choose the most convenient tool for themselves.

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