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TE-45/2 Prof. eyelash tweezers with fiber tips L-shap 40'

Professional eyelash tweezers with fiber tips EXPERT 45

TYPE 2 (L-shaped, 40')


Professional tweezers for eyelashes with nano-notches (L-shaped, 40′).

It has nano-notches inside the flaps, which greatly facilitate the capture of eyelashes and the formation of a bundle.

New technology with special nano-notches on the flaps ensures a confident grip without curling the eyelashes.

Suitable for creating volume or mega-volume eyelashes.

Capture eyelashes with high precision; it allows you to select the thinnest eyelashes for volume.

Convenient even for beginners, effective in working with all lash techniques.

Thin edges allow you to work in the outer and inner corners of the eye.

It has an ergonomic handle shape and increased visibility in the working area.

Soft, smooth closure and reduction of hand fatigue during use due to the three radius grooves on the body of the tweezers.

The satin matte finish is pleasant to the touch, does not glare under light, and prevents slipping in the hand.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, which provides increased resistance to corrosion and long service life.

If you follow the conditions for using specialized means, all disinfection and sterilization methods are available without loss of quality.

TE-45/2 Prof. eyelash tweezers with fiber tips L-shap 40'

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