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Rubber Base Gel  30 ml

Rubber Base 30ml.


The base gel from the popular international brand KODI PROFESSIONAL is applied as the first layer when performing a decorative manicure with gel polish and serves as an excellent foundation for a color coating.


Now the favorite product of many masters is available in an enlarged 30 ml bottle.

Even more product, even more opportunities for creative nail ideas.


At the same time, the formula of the product remained unchanged: the base is easily applied and distributed, does not spread, guaranteeing the creation of a strong coupling between the surface of the natural nail plate and the artificial material. Rubber Base Gel prolongs the duration of the manicure, keeping it flawless for a long time.


Due to the narrowed cone-shaped cap, it is convenient for the master to pour the product into a small bottle with a narrow neck. This product release format is convenient to use as a spare when you need to pour the base into a bottle with a brush.


1. Prepare the nail plate using a 180 grit file, remove the gloss from the nails.      

2. Apply the auxiliary fluid: Nail Fresher degreaser, Nail Fresher dehydrator and Ultrabond to the entire plate.

3. Apply a first thin layer of Rubber Base. Dry for 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 60 seconds in a UV lamp.      

4. Apply a second level of Rubber base, curing it in a lamp for 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 60 seconds in a UV lamp.



Rubber Base Gel 30 ml

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