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Easy Duo Gel Soft "Jade Rose" Professional acrylic-gel system 35g

Professional acrylic gel system Easy Duo Gel Soft (color: Jade Rose), 35 g


  If earlier modeling or strengthening procedures popular with nail masters took a lot of time and required exceptional professionalism, now even a beginner can perform these manipulations. The main thing is to choose a modern and optimized material for work.

  Acrylic gel system Easy Duo Gel by the international brand Kodi Professional is an example of just such a functional material. It combines the best properties of acrylic and gel, does not harden in the open air, has high strength and is easy to file. Now the favorite product of many masters is also available in a new, enlarged bottle of 35 ml.

  It is important to remember that the Soft system has a softer and more pliable texture compared to the classic Easy Duo Gel series. At the same time, the shade range remained unchanged, Jade Rose gel has the most beautiful caramel shade for lovers of timeless classics.  


Polymerization: 120-180 seconds in a UV lamp or in an LED lamp.

Easy Duo Gel Soft "Jade Rose" Professional acrylic-gel system 35g

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