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Cold gel  Natural Peach  15 ml

Three-Phase Modeling Cold Gel (Color: Natural Peach)

Comfortable cold three-phase gel by the popular brand Kodi Professional allows the master to control the entire process of aligning the nail plate, strengthening it or modeling the length and required height of the apex using the file-free technique of nail processing. The gel is versatile, it is easily polymerized in any LED lamp or UV lamp with a power of at least 36 watts. It is comfortable for the master to work with, thanks to the consistency of optimal viscosity and good thixotropy. And the method of cold polymerization will allow you to qualitatively dry even thin and sensitive nails in a lamp, avoiding burning.

The natural peach camouflage shade perfectly masks minor imperfections of the nail plate and captivates with its natural appearance.

Method of use: it is recommended to thinly apply the base gel before applying the cold gel. Polymerize each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds.


Cold gel Natural Peach 15 ml

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