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Carbide Drill Bit  21015  Flame  Red  (fine)

Carbide Drill Bit  21015  Flame,  Red, Fine


Cutter cone with cross-cut, medium.

The innovative design of this cut cuts the material into chips rather than dust, allowing material to be removed very quickly. The risk of damaging the client's nail plate, when applied, is minimized. Due to the unique cutting, the cutter does not clog. With a carbide cutter it is easy to cut down artificial nails, correct the shape and length. She does not rust, and can be disinfected  and sterilizated .


 It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for:

-Removal of core calluses;

-Removal of calluses on the fingers;

-Correction of gel and acrylic in the side roller;

-Correction of extended nails.


Form -----------------------------------------------------Flame

Notch ----------------------------------------------------Soft (Red)

Working part length ------------------------------- 6.5 mm

Working part diameter --------------------------- 2,3 mm

Shank diameter ------------------------------------  2.35 mm.

Rotational speed -----------------------------------up to 15,000 rpm.

Carbide Drill Bit 21015 Flame Red (fine)

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