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BW 110  Gel Polish  7 ml

The improved formula of the new Basic Collection 7 ml provides a professional quality gel polish with excellent color characteristics in two layers of texture application, and a new bright design of bottles will add a stylish note to the workspace of the master. High coating rates contribute to the economical consumption of gel polish, and the volume of the 7 ml bottle is suitable for both salon and personal use. Gel polishes have a moderately thick consistency, due to which they are comfortably applied without the formation of streaks and drips. The Basic Collection 7ml palette is divided into color groups and contains the most popular shades of gel polishes for consumer demand.

Gel polish No. 110 BW (BLACK & WHITE series) has a creamy texture, color is black with pink shimmer.

Even coating with three thin layers is recommended with polymerization of each layer in an UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.


BW 110 Gel Polish 7 ml

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