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Having the right nail file is just as important as having the right nail polish color. STALEKS has a variety of nail files, each designed for a specific nail type. In this guide, we'll explore the different types of STALEKS nail files and help you choose the one that's right for your nail type.

PapMam is a removable case-like file for a straight nail file. Just put on the base like a case; it completely covers both sides and ends. This fastening principle will give the nail stylist even more confidence in their movements and protect the client from accidental injuries. The base will always be clean, without glue remains after removing the disposable file.

Replaceable case-like file PapMam from STALEKS PRO is an innovative solution in the world of disposable manicure and pedicure tools. There is no such second nail file in the world anymore!

Reusable nail files have long been migrated from salons to an individual manicure set, and there they belong. The basis of a safe procedure is compliance with all hygiene rules, and these concerns files in the first place.

With disposable abrasives, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on tool changes. It is enough to buy a straight metal or acrylic base (it’s up to you) and put on a PapMam case.

Your instrument is ready for a new client!

STALEKS laser nail files are ideal for those with thick or tough nails. The diamond grit is strong and effective, allowing for efficient filing without damaging the nail bed. These nail files are long-lasting and can be used repeatedly without losing their effectiveness.

STALEKS mineral nail files are perfect for those with artificial extended nails. The files have from 80 grit to 240 grit

These nail files are also long-lasting and can be used repeatedly without losing their effectiveness.

STALEKS glass nail files are ideal for those with thin or delicate nails. The glass is gentle and will not cause damage to the nail bed. These nail files are also easy to clean and can be sanitized

between uses.

In conclusion, choosing the right STALEKS nail file comes down to your's client individual nail type and needs. When considering a nail file, think about the grit level, material, and shape. By taking these factors into consideration, you'll be able to choose a STALEKS nail file that's perfect for the client's nail type and will help you achieve a polished and perfect manicure every time.

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