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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Approved by the Brand Manager of Saleks -Olga Sizova.

DIAMOND NAIL DRILL BIT EXPERT LINE FROM STALEKS PRO is our new development. We will not languish for a long time: features and advantages of our nail drill bits, a variety of working forms and grits, other details are in this review!


First of all, the combination of words “nail drill bit” is familiar to those nail stylists who have passed professional courses in hardware or combined manicure. It is when the skin and cuticle are processed in both the classical technique and using the nail drill machine.

A nail drill bit is a head with which you can perfectly polish both the nail itself and the skin around it.  Hardware manicure is carried out without first soaking hands (on dry skin).  This procedure prevents exfoliation of the nails and the rapid growth of the cuticle, recommended for a delicate cuticle.

Using a nail drill bit, you can remove the cuticle and various skin roughness around the nail (pterygium, horned skin), remove gel polish, and process natural or artificial nails.

Description “diamond” hints at the spraying material – the smallest diamond powder, evenly covered over the entire surface of the working part. 

Diamond nail drill bits are made in two ways:

  1. diamond crumbs with adhesive composition baked in a furnace,

  2. Diamond sand sprayed on a steel billet.


In the production of diamond nail drill bits, we rely on our technology. Together with leading experts, we carefully monitor:

  • Compliance with the standards for applying diamond spraying – so that it is even, without sticking crumbs in one place or gaps. It ensures the accuracy of manicure and the absence of hangnails;

  • Radial runout (“centering”) of the nail drill bit – its ability to remain perfectly even at high speeds. This indicator, to a large extent, depends on the first point – the even covering with diamond crumbs. If the coating is not even, the nail drill bit may “skew” during work, which will adversely affect the work of the machine. An uncentered nail drill bit can break the handle of the machine. We check all nail drill bits on special standardization equipment; therefore we are responsible for compliance with quality standards.

  • Using only high-quality materials in production (diamond covering and medical steel 40X13). Diamond nail drill bits of the EXPERT line serves an order of magnitude longer than usual (without loss of manicure speed). Like all STALEKS PRO tools, nail drill bits can be disinfected and sterilized.

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