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SQ-20/4    UNIQ  Professional cuticle scissors

Professional cuticle scissors “Asymmetric” UNIQ 20 TYPE 4





The first professional scissors with asymmetric multi-level rings.

This design development is the first among manicure scissors worldwide.

The unique design allows the technician to explore various techniques and styles without changing the instrument, only changing how it is used.

Asymmetric rings adapt to any technician`s ideas.

Reduced hand fatigue during work, thanks to the soft and easy stroke of the scissors.

Handles of different lengths (left ring below) provide a comfortable natural position of the fingers while working.

This model with a lower left ring may be more suitable for manicurists with medium to large hands.

Ergonomic size of rings.

Manual sharpening guarantees a precise cut.

Perfectly polished surface provides additional corrosion resistance.

High-alloy stainless steel.

Resistant to sterilization in a dry-heat oven and autoclave without loss of quality.

Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.

Recommended for a manicure.



SQ-20/4 UNIQ Professional cuticle scissors


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