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Nail Fresher (nail dehydrator), 15 ml

Nail Fresher (nail dehydrator), 15 ml


A dehydrator is a special type of nail product that is used by masters to additionally dry the nail plates before applying gel polish or extensions. Nail Fresher by the popular, international brand Kodi Professional copes with the task in the best way.

The product has the ability to “pull” water from the upper layers of the nail plates, preparing them for a decorative coating and improving the quality of the adhesion of artificial materials.

Nail Fresher also serves as an indicator of nail moisture. If the agent evaporates instantly during application, one layer of the product is sufficient. If the evaporation process takes 2-3 seconds, you need to repeat the step with the dehydrator application several times to achieve the perfect result and properly prepare the nails.

Application recommendations:

apply to the nail at the degreasing stage and wait 1 to 3 seconds until a characteristic white coating appears. Safe in contact with skin.


Nail Fresher (nail dehydrator), 15 ml


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