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PPDLXset-20 Elongate plastic Pododisc

Elongate plastic pedicure disc Staleks Pro Exclusive Pododisc M and set of disposable file 180 grit 5 pc (20 mm)





  • base: high-strength plastic-polyamide, resistant to high temperatures;
  • due to its lightweight design, it reduces the load on the handle of the device;
  • extended leg 37 mm – suitable for all types of nail drill machines;
  • resistant to moisture, bacteria, and microorganisms, does not corrode;
  • can be disinfected and sterilized in a dry heat cabinet and autoclave *;
  • designed for hardware pedicure;
  • absorbs pressure on the skin of the foot;
  • there are no analogs on the market;
  • set: Pododisc Exclusive M (20 mm) + 5 pcs of disposable files 180 grit;
  • * It is recommended to sterilize the tool at a temperature not exceeding 180 * without a kraft bag

PPDLXset-20 Elongate plastic Pododisc


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