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Orange stick

Breaking news! Long-awaited novelty from STALEKS PRO

Taking it in your hands once, there is a risk that you will never want to let it go

The versatile pusher "orange stick" is an indispensable tool for both manicure and pedicure procedures. Its size is suitable for any shape and size of the nail, and the convenient slope allows you to gently and cleanly move the cuticle without harming the nails

The bent blade will help to carefully and qualitatively clean the remains of the skin from the nail plate.

This miracle stick not only delicately works with the cuticle, but also it is convenient to remove the remains of varnish from the lateral nail folds, or to clean the free edge of the nail

The tool can be sterilized and used many times.

Do you want to try it at work? The stick is already available on our website!




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