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Introducing Kodi Professional to Our Collection

Kodi Professional is a world renowned brand famous for their top of the line nail polish for home and salon use.

We are excited to announce that Health & Beauty Tools will soon be a representative of Kodi Professional Products in Australia.

Kodi Professional produces high-quality cosmetics for the usage in salons and at home. The tradename, the quality of which corresponds to ISO certificates, is well-known in many countries.

The brand's products are represented in many countries of the world and has been holding the leading positions in the beauty industry market for more than 15 years.

With exhibitions being held in multiple countries such as Bulgaria, Mexico, Ukraine and UAE, Kodi Professional has spread far and wide, and now you will be able to get it quickly in Australia and New Zealand too!

You will be able to find many of their most popular products on our website, so keep an eye out for when the stock arrives, we will also let you know when that occurs via email.

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