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Builder self-level Gel White Shine  13 gr

Modeling has always been one of the most technically complex and time-consuming processes in the work of a nail master, but with the advent of modern products, everything has changed dramatically.

Three-phase building gels Builder self-level gel by the popular international brand Kodi Professional is an example of the fact that a product can be both functional and comfortable, and at the same time give an aesthetic result. The building gel has a moderately viscous consistency and the ability to self-level. This makes it possible to use the gel when modeling nails of medium length using the technique without filing.

The product compresses well and holds the arch, which makes it suitable for use with upper forms. Additional strength to the manicure is guaranteed by the addition of fiberglass to the formula. White Shine is a soft and versatile natural white with glitter.


Polymerization: 120 seconds in a 24-48W LED lamp, or 180 seconds in a 36W UV lamp. Requires application of UV-Base or Quick base primer layer.


Builder self-level Gel White Shine 13 gr

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