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Beauty industry employees should take care of the safety and hygiene of procedures. Before each new client, all tools must be mandatory sterilized and disinfected, and an oversight in this matter can have sad consequences.

Customer health and personal safety are not those things on which to save. These aspects need special attention and a thoughtful approach.

The tool with a replaceable abrasive is ideal for a safe and hygienic procedure.  We have already talked about nail and foot files with disposable abrasive files.

Now it’s time to introduce you to our “tasty” novelty: the nail file refill roll  STALEKS PRO in the form of an appetizing donut!


A nail file refill roll is an 8 meter long abrasive rolled into a roll and fixed in a plastic container. Up to 100 removable files can be placed in the “donut”: it is convenient both from the point of view of saving and storage!

The edge of the abrasive belt is stretched through the hole in the container. The manicurist should pull the edge of the abrasive to get the required amount. Cut the replaceable file with scissors and stick it to the metal base.

A nail file refill roll can be of three types of abrasiveness:

  • 100 grit– hard nail file for artificial nails;

  • 180 grit– medium abrasive files for shaping natural nails;

  • 240 grit– nail files with softer abrasive for neat shaping of natural nails.

You can buy metal bases for the file in the Base and Files collection separately.


  • Versatility. You can choose on your own the length of the replaceable file will be and on which metal base to stick it.

  • Economical. In the reel is 8 meters of abrasive tape, which are equivalent to 100 removable files. At the same time, the donut price is significantly lower;

  • Hygienic. The plastic container protects the abrasive belt from dust, dirt and other environmental factors;

  • Convenience of storage, compact. The nail file refill roll is more compact, it is impossible to lose an abrasive from it.

  • Bright design. The container for a replaceable abrasive has the appearance of a sweet donut, it pleases the eye of the nail technician and his clients.

The replaceable file itself, which is stick to a metal base, does not soak in water and does not peel off from the file at the most inopportune moment.

Perfect manicure and pedicure is provided!

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