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Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.

An exclusive tool for an exclusive nail artist! The STALEKS PRO brand offers practical and effective solutions for your flawless work and the ability to do the usual procedure faster. This premium tool saves time and effort – all thanks to Swiss-quality material and smart construction.

We have already talked about the Exclusive line of tools more than once. This is a luxury category for leading nail stylists and beauty salons with VIP clients. The nippers, scissors, and pushers of this line will join the abrasive tape roll – everyone’s favorite Donut.

Let’s talk in more detail about the changes that have affected this tool and the advantages of Exclusive Donut.


First of all, an abrasive tape. Inside the coil, made of durable plastic, there is a high quality Swiss abrasive. Such a removable file helps to cope with the task of filing nails quickly.

We’ve found that the Exclusive file is easier to work with – you can achieve the perfect nail shape in seconds!

Important benefits of Donut Exclusive are:

  • The file does not crumble, does not leave marks (abrasive chips) on the fingers;

  • It helps to shape and smooth the nail plate easily. With Swiss abrasive, you can achieve the result faster;

  • The abrasive does not soak in water;

  • Attaches securely to the base (choose any, everything for you: metal, acrylic or wooden);

  • Compact and convenient – the abrasive will not scatter all over the table but will lie ergonomically in one place;

  • The clip on the coil will help you easily tear off the file;

  • The plastic case protects the abrasive tape from dirt and damage;

  • Stylish design and beautiful blue-gray tape inside.


The coil holds up to 100 removable files per roll (that’s 8 meters). The range is presented in different grits for work with natural and artificial nails:

  • Abrasive 100 grit (vendor code ATLux-100): packaging decorated with green crystals

  • Abrasive 150 grit (vendor code ATLux-150): packaging decorated with pink crystals

  • Abrasive 240 grit (vendor code ATLux- 240): packaging decorated with purple crystals

Disposable abrasive tape spare rolls will be in our range soon. When the coil runs out of abrasive tape, there is no need to re-buy Donut – you can buy a spare roll. It will help reduce your plastic consumption and take care of the planet!

Choose the best tool because the best artist deserves it!

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