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PDF-15-320,  Refill pads   50pcs

Refill Pads PDF-15-320,diameter sie 15mm, 320 grit, 50 pc in a box

For Pododiscs :





Pododiscs -replaceable abrasive elements for the safe medical pedicure procedure for Diabetic foot.

Instruments with replaceable abrasive elements quarantee safety of pedicure because possibility of contamination is eliminated with single service files.


ABRASIVE 320 grit



● 320 grit

● size S (15mm diameter)

● high quality abrasive elements

● reliable adhesion to base

● no swelling due to contact with water

● mineral abrasive material silicon carbide

PDF-15-320, Refill pads 50pcs

SKU: 0363
    • diameter 15mm
    • abrasive 320 grit
    • 50 pc pear box

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