Tornado 104.250.524.016   Blue

The Tornado diamond coating technology provides an increased service life and improved cutting properties: "sludge" (removed material) is not re-rubbed with diamond grains. It runs along the spiral grooves of the nozzle and  quickly removed.

As a result:

Processing time is shortened;

The surface heats up less;

The tool works longer than usual.

It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for:

Side rollers processing;

Cuticle treatment and removal;

Treatment of calluses and roughness of the skin of the fingers.


Notch -------- ------------Medium, Blue

Working part----------- length 10 mm

Working part -----------diameter 1.6 mm

Shank ---------------------diameter 2.35 mm.

Rotational speed ------up to 30,000 rpm.  

Abrasiveness -----------Thin


Small calluses on the toes,

Horny fissure edges,

Superficial fissures Artificial nails

Nail piercing, rhinestones

Natural nails Side rollers,

Straightening nails,

Calluses and roughness of the skin of the fingers,

Cuticle treatment (removing, lifting, removing, polishing),

Creeping cuticle



Tornado 104.250.524.016 Blue