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Quick base  15 ml

Quick Base HEMA FREE with UV filter, 15 ml  


The innovative Quick Base for gel polish, developed by leading experts of the popular international brand Kodi Professional, can increase the level of comfort of the manicure studio clients, as well as improve the safety of the procedure.   The product has several distinctive features: the absence of a pronounced exothermic reaction after polymerization, which will relieve the client from the burning sensation in the lamp.

Absence of HEMA monomer in the formula of the compounds. High compatibility with any top and color coatings, since thanks to the presence of a UV filter, the base will not turn yellow on light shades when covering designs. Traditionally, Quick Base is easy to apply and spreads evenly over the nails without flowing. It has good elasticity and prolongs the life of manicure.  


Method of application:      

1. Prepare the nail plate using a 180 grit file, remove the gloss from the nails.      

2. Apply the auxiliary fluid: Nail Fresher degreaser, Nail Fresher dehydrator and Ultrabond to the entire plate.    

 3. Apply a first thin layer of Quick Base HEMA FREE. IMPORTANT! Dry CONTINUOUSLY for 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 60 seconds in a UV lamp.    

 4. Apply a second leveling layer of Quick base, curing it in a lamp CONTINUOUSLY for 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 60 seconds in a UV lamp.  



When leveling the nail plate, the thickness of the coating should not exceed 1.5 mm for complete polymerization of the product. It is recommended to work using the conveyor method, polymerizing each nail for 30 seconds and upon completion - polymerizing all nails together for 30-60 seconds in an LED lamp and 90-120 seconds in a UV lamp.

Quick base 15 ml


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