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Build It Up Gel "Baby Boom"  15 ml

Modeling Gel with a brush - Build It Up Gel "Baby Boom"  15 ml


The nail industry does not stand still, allowing both masters and clients to experience all the benefits of modern beauty technologies. So, the new generation modeling gels of the Build It Up Gel series by Kodi Professional significantly extend the strength of the manicure, allow not only to increase the length, but also to strengthen the natural nail plate. The polymer material is spread with a convenient brush and evenly fills in all the irregularities of the nail plate, creating a perfect coating without shrinkage effect.

Build It Up Gel "Baby Boom" has a pleasant creamy pink shade. The material is distinguished by excellent thixotropy and is suitable for working in the extension technique without filing. The gel requires preliminary application of the base. Polymerization time: In 40 W lamps for 60-120 seconds.


Build It Up Gel "Baby Boom"  15 ml

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