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M-72 Polisher drill bit, bullet,  20 mm


Nozzle for a milling cutter silicone (polishing of nails to shine).

This nozzle is used for hardware manicure and pedicure, namely for polishing natural and artificial nails to a shine. Has a soft texture for a finishing polish. The nozzle can be washed and disinfected.

When working with silicone polishers, you should pay attention: For a high-quality and quick effect, whether it is polishing artificial or natural nails, first use a harder nozzle, and only then the finish one to polish to a shine. With significant irregularities, roughness, gradually use the hardest nozzle first, then the middle one, and only then for polishing to a shine - the finish one. Do not keep the polisher in one place, but constantly move it in a circle, otherwise it will heat up the nail too much, do not use at high speeds.

Head Diameter: 10mm

Head Height: 20mm

Shank length: 32mm

Shank diameter: 2mm

Shape: medium / bullet


Important! Do not heat treat silicone tips, otherwise the material will lose its shape and become unsuitable for further work.

It is safer to store nozzles in a special lockable stand. Disinfect, clean and sterilize the tips after each use and each client.

Immediately after work, place the nozzle in a disinfectant solution; before that, it must not be washed under water. After disinfected, only then it is necessary to rinse under running cold water.

Next, clean the silicone nozzle.

After that, we proceed to sterilization. In this case, chemical treatment (concentrates) is used, otherwise, during heat treatment, the material will lose its shape and become unsuitable for further work.

M-72 Polisher drill bit, bullet, 20 mm

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