Ceramic Magic Drill Bit  Red  Korn

Ceramic cutter "Korn" for removing artificial turf. Perfectly gently peels off the coating. Has no vibration. Easily and quickly removes any material.


Head length - 14 mm

Head diameter at the base - 6 mm

Shank length - 36 mm

For hard materials (acrylic) we recommend using a medium abrasive ceramic burr (blue ring), for any soft materials a soft abrasive (red ring) and extra soft (yellow ring) are suitable.  Suitable for all devices. In some "Marathon" handles, the cutter should not be fully inserted to ensure perfect operation. 


Form --------------------------------------------------Corn

Notch -------------------------------------------------Soft (Red)

Working part length -----------------------------14 mm. 

Working part diameter -------------------------6 mm

Shank diameter -----------------------------------2.35 mm.

Rotational speed ---------------------------------up to 30,000 rpm. 

Ceramic Magic Drill Bit Red Korn