Carbide Drill Bit    21013 ,Needle,  Fine, Red

Tungsten Carbide Cutter with Fine Crosscut ,  Red


Double cruciform needle, fine.

It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for:

-Processing of periungual corns and work in the subungual space;

-Processing of side bolsters with rough skin; 

-Deep crack treatment.


Also 210 used for the finishing of precious metal alloys, chromium-nickel alloys, steel, as well as for fast rough processing of ceramics, shaping and contouring. Large-diameter cutters can be used for processing wide surfaces, bite correction. Cutters with a thin end of the working part are convenient for working between structural elements. The design of the cutting edges ensures easy penetration of the cutter into the metal and fast cutting of the material under conditions of low pressure of the cutter on the surface. Due to this, the cutters can be used for medical correction of solid and metal-ceramic prostheses in a clinic using a dental unit micromotor, which is not as powerful as a dental micromotor.13 can be 


L 15 mm

D 2.3 mm

Carbide Drill Bit 21013 ,Needle, Fine, Red