21236K  Ceramic burr, Corn, Fine,  Red

Ceramic cutter cone (corn) with double cross-cutting, fine.

It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for:

-Removing gel polish;

-Correction of extended nails;

-Thinning of keratosis nails;

-Surface crack treatment.

Allows to facilitate the work of the master, removes gel polish in 5-10 minutes!

Does not heat up, does not create discomfort when removing gel polish. Gently removes gel polish, without the need for pre-soaking. The streamlined shape allows for easy passage at the cuticle and along the lateral ridges.


Form ------------------------------------------------Cone

Notch -----------------------------------------------Soft (Red)

Working part length ---------------------------14 mm 

Working part diameter ------------------------6 mm 

Shank diameter --------------------------------- 2.35 mm.  

Rotational speed ------------------------------- up to 25,000 rpm.

21236K Ceramic burr, Corn, Fine, Red