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Tool guide: Exclusive nippers from Staleks Pro

By Staleks 4 min read

Our “Tool Guide” will help you decide and choose the perfect assistant. Previous texts from the section were about:

  • SMART NIPPERS FROM STALEKS PRO – a professional line for nail stylists

  • CLASSIC NIPPERS FROM STALEKS a home line for those who give yourself a manicure at home.

  • EXPERT NIPPERS FROM STALEKS PRO the widest range of professional tools for experienced professionals.

Today it’s time to talk about the professional nippers of the EXCLUSIVE line from STALEKS PRO. EXCLUSIVE skin nippers from STALEKS PRО is a tool of reference quality. The name of the line speaks for itself; it is an exclusive tool for professionals in the nail industry. Such nippers help to achieve an ideal result faster. WHAT DOES UNITE ALL EXCLUSIVE NIPPERS? All EXCLUSIVE professional nippers are made of high-alloy stainless steel, sharpened manually, have a thorough polishing of the hinge, and can be subjected to all types of sterilization and disinfection.

  1. High-alloy steel grade 95X18 with a high chromium content and a unique hardening method makes the tool durable. A high percentage of chromium gives corrosion resistance. 95% carbon content (responsible for the hardness of steel). 18% of the content of the main alloying element – chromium (responsible for corrosion resistance). For additional corrosion protection, the entire EXCLUSIVE line tools are polished to a mirror effect using GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys; it gives a glossy finish to the tool.

  2. Professional manual sharpening in several stages ensures complete closure of the cutting edges and safe cuticle cutting. In the EXCLUSIVE and EXPERT line nippers, radius sharpening is used – with it, the tool remains sharp for longer. Professional skin nippers are sharpened manually under a microscope.

  3. The soft, even, and smooth opening stroke due to careful polishing of the hinge joint reduces the load on the nail stylist’s hand during the procedure.

  4. The EXCLUSIVE professional tool can be subjected to all types of disinfection and sterilization. And the ease and simplicity while servicing the instrument are provided by the original inverted rivet.

Separately, it is worth noting that the rivet in the STALEKS PRO tools is not red-hot. It allows us to preserve the flexibility of the metal and prevent the appearance of cracks during tamping. All EXCLUSIVE professional skin nippers can be sharpened many times; the high strength of medical steel is guaranteed by quenching in a vacuum oven. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE NIPPERS WITHIN THE LINE? EXCLUSIVE nippers differ in cutting part, heel, and engraving. Let’s consider in more detail:

  • Cutting part. The EXCLUSIVE line includes nippers with a choice of cutting parts of 8 mm and 11 mm.

Heel. The NX-10 model has a large heel; in the NX-20 and 30 models, the heel is small. The heel is the degree of protrusion of the nippers cutting part from the side of handles, towards the flat of the entire tool. It affects the depth of the cuticle and skin capture from the lateral nail folds.

  • Engraving. The EXCLUSIVE line includes nippers with three types of engraving: zebra, gravure, and magnolia. The handles of professional nippers of the EXCLUSIVE line are decorated with stylish, exquisite patterns, so every nail stylist will be able to choose the right model for himself.

CONCLUSION: EXCLUSIVE nippers are a professional tool that is ideal for removing cuticles and rough skin near the nail plate. NIPPERS How to choose? Estimate the comfort of the nippers in your hand. There should not be a load on the palm during closing. Choose the right length and be ready to create beauty!

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