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Approved by VICTORIA KALININA -- Product manager of STALEKS

The range of tools for the lash & brow industry is really rich: here, you can find both professional tweezers of any shape and length, as well as a tool for individual home use. Let’s start?

PAY ATTENTION! The tweezers of the Classic and Beauty & Care lines are intended for personal use, so they cannot be used by a technician with a large queue of clients. These tweezers cannot be sterilized and disinfected, as nail stylists are used to doing with a professional tool.

TWEEZERS FOR HOME USE Tools for eyebrows modeling at home are presented in the Classic and Beauty & Care lines. What do they have in common?

  • Use of stainless steel;

  • Manual sharpening;

  • Polishing with paste for additional protection against corrosion.

Classic line. It includes 5 tweezers, which have classic standard shapes and handles with notches, working parts: wide straight and wide beveled edges.

Beauty&Care line.The tweezers have wide, straight handles without notches. The range also includes 11 series colored tweezers and 40 series compact tweezers.

Classic and Beauty & Care tweezers do not go through as many processing levels as professionals (we will talk about them below). They can only be disinfected at home.

PROFESSIONAL TWEEZERS Tweezers for professional use are presented in the Expert line. These tools are designed in collaboration with leading brow stylists, beauty industry experts, and opinion leaders. We also received a lot of positive feedback from independent technicians who have already tried our tweezers at work. Tweezers of the Expert line are characterized by:

  • Straight handles without notches;

  • Several types of forms for solving various tasks;

  • Different length and width;

  • The polished outer side of the working part does not scratch the skin during the correction.

Each tweezer is sharpened manually by a specialist. The soft, smooth stroke guarantees comfortable work, while the matt or stylish painted finish offers aesthetic pleasure. All unpainted tweezers can be disinfected and sterilized. As for the colored tweezers of the TE-11 and TE-63 series, to maintain their attractive bright appearance, it is recommended not to subject them to thermal processing methods. So, what are the differences between eyebrow tweezers within the Expert line? Models TE-10 have a standard handle and a wide variety of working parts: wide straight and beveled, narrow straight and beveled, pointed for ingrown hair correction, rounded for vellus hair, and curved for increased visibility while working.

Models TE-11 repeat the TE-10 model’s parameters, but these are painted models in two colors: red and purple.

Models TE-20 differ due to an extended handle.

Models TE-60 are short-handled tweezers. They presented in painted and unpainted versions

The main differences between the tool for professional use and tweezers for home use in:

  1. Increased working surface area;

  2. Thinner working edges;

  3. Full closure of the working part over the entire surface, which allows you to remove hair with the root without the risk of breaking;

  4. Each tweezer is sharpened manually by a specialist. The professional line goes through more levels of sharpening, high-level sharpeners with extensive experience work with it;

  5. PRO tweezers (not dyed) are sterilizable and disinfectable;

  6. Dyed tweezers are cold sterilizable.

The range of brands STALEKS and STALEKS PRO is really diverse. Each of our clients will be able to choose the right tool for themselves based on their preferences.

Watch video reviews of our tweezers; ask us your questions on Instagram – we are happy to tell you more about our tool.

And see you in the next article in the “Tool Guide” section!

See you soon.

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