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Remember our EXPERT mineral nail file? Previously, it was sold apart in various grits and forms. On the one hand, cheap and cheerful, but on the other hand, it’s a little inconvenient for a nail stylist with a large line of clients. Indeed, the main aspect of working with nails is safety, and it is not always possible to quickly disinfect one nail file.

We found a way and now your favorite mineral nail files are sold as a set. Five pieces in one package and no need to rush headlong for a new tool. Double-sided files with different abrasiveness will be at your fingernail. Just choose a shape!

1)High-quality sandpaper covering.

The file does not crumble for a long time and retains its abrasive properties.

2) A small foamy layer.

With it, the nail filing process occurs more gently and carefully, and the nail plate is less peeling.

3) Multipurpose

Mineral files STALEKS PRO can be used for both natural and artificial nails.

The file is double-sided: 100/180 and 180/240 grit. A different number of grits in abrasives is suitable for both soft, prone to peeling, and hard nail plates.

Also, the mineral nail file is made in two forms: half-moon and straight. It is convenient for one nail stylist to use a straight nail file, someone likes the half-moon more. This is a question of what tool you are used to using. Focus on your feelings, and we will provide you with a “magic wand” for work!

4) Convenience.

Mineral files are sold in the number of five pieces. They can be stored in the original packaging in which they are sold.The files can be disinfected, they are easy to wash and processed with an antiseptic, without fear that the abrasive will peel off or that the tool itself will become unusable.

5) Lightweight.

Mineral nail files have a light plastic base. She is almost weightless, and the nail stylist’s hand is not getting tired during work.

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